Student Learning Outcomes

We embrace a common set of student learning outcomes and we are accountable for sustained measurement of these outcomes

Texas A&M University Texarkana: Discipline Specific

AMU System Student Learning Outcome–Discipline Specific Knowledge

Bold statement:

The Texas A&M University System delivers a common set/embraces a common view of important outcomes and is accountable for sustained measurement.

Institutional Effectiveness:

For all TAMU System universities, the rationale for assessing student learning outcomes (SLOs) originates primarily from efforts to maintain institutional effectiveness, which is defined as a process of identifying outcomes, assessing the extent to which they are achieved, and providing evidence of improvement based on their analysis.

Discipline Specific Knowledge Outcome:

Upon graduation, students will demonstrate mastery of the depth of knowledge required for their respective degrees.

Generic Descriptions of Campus Assessment Results:

All criteria met and results exceed expectations with little room for improvement.

Most criteria met and results indicate mastery of objective with some room for improvement.

Acceptable number of criteria met and results meet expectations with room for improvement.

Some criteria met and results indicate need for improvement.

Few criteria met; results indicate need for significant improvement or no/insufficient results reported to measure performance of objective.




Multiple assessment measures are used: major field tests, teacher certification tests, and capstone assignments.


Proficient. A majority of programs using major field tests report students met or exceeded goals; students taking teacher certification tests met state standards with one exception; students met expectations in capstone courses.


Even though the overall pass rate for teacher certification meets accreditation standards, disaggregated data for Hispanic and African American subpopulations is below the state minimum. As a result, the program is rated Accredited with Warning.


Programs will revise assessment processes as it appears some standards are too low or need to be reviewed for tighter alignment between curriculum and assessment measures. For teacher certification, faculty have devised a procedure for identifying and providing remediation serves for PPR, prioritizing Hispanic and African American populations.

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