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As a state supported institution, the Texas A&M University System is committed to being open and transparent with the public — especially the Texans — it exists to serve. Though each of the 11 academic institutions that compose it has a unique character, membership in the A&M System has long been synonymous with academic and personal excellence. In order to uphold this tradition, it is imperative that we hold our institutions accountable for continued improvement on student outcomes, and do so in a manner consistent with our dedication to transparency.

That is why we developed EmpowerU. This initiative provides a public space to evaluate the A&M System institution’s trajectory toward our unified goal of creating a culture of student completion that pervades not just our own universities, but the state’s K-12 institutions as well.

Through EmpowerU, the A&M System provides data that reflects affordability, access and academic success for students at each of our institutions. The System’s institutional leaders, working with their faculty and staffs, selected the metrics we use to track their progress. These measures aim to provide a fair systematic approach that preserves the distinct character of each university while holding them to a common standard of quality.

We update the data on this site as soon as it is processed internally. Our hope is that by providing as close to “real time” information as possible, institutions are able to make timely adjustments as needed. We invite our current and future students, our faculty and administrators, and other members of the public to join us in evaluating our progress as we remain focused on providing a high quality, high value education that students complete in a timely matter.


The Texas A&M University System holds member institutions accountable for measuring results, quality and overall cost efficiency as they fulfill their missions. To this end, leaders of the institutions were challenged to bring solutions to meet the A&M System accountability imperative. Institutional leaders worked with their staff and faculty to produce measures resulting in the creation of a systematic approach based on the uniqueness of each institution to maximize the potential for students to develop into the most educated and motivated citizenry in the world.

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An outcomes driven higher education system

The A&M System provides data reflective of student success and cost. Each institution identified metrics pertinent to delivering on their unique mission. Furthermore, the A&M System created a comprehensive view of all system universities with respect to common measures of effectiveness. Updates on these metrics are presented as soon as internal data is processed, using “real time data,” which allows institutions to make timely adjustments.

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Focus and commitment to timely graduation and a high value education

The A&M System remains focused on quality as it facilitates, supports and incentivizes students to graduate in a timely manner. Therefore, the A&M System measures learning outcomes across the system. All institutions came together to define each measure providing the A&M System with a common set of outcomes. The A&M System is committed to the identification and monitoring of common educational outcomes as a cumulative and necessary report card of student success.

  • Decision-making and social responsibility: Use of ethical reasoning
  • Globalization and diversity: Understand global sensitivities
  • Specific knowledge: Demonstrate subject matter expertise
  • Communication: Clear expression of ideas to diverse audiences
  • Integration: Ability to synthesize knowledge from their studies
  • Problem Solving/Critical Thinking: Utilize qualitative & quantitative reasoning

A P-20 Commitment

When it encompasses all levels, from pre-school through graduate studies, the education pipeline is often referred to as “P-20.” At the A&M System, our commitment to improving education outcomes extends to every section of P-20. The most cost-efficient and effective way to ensure success in a student’s undergraduate education and beyond is to ensure that they are adequately prepared when they first arrive on campus.

Accordingly, we view it as a responsibility to develop and implement outstanding teacher preparation programs that promote the achievement all students in the public school system. We want to be sure that the A&M System has done everything in its control for Texas students to be successful in their academic and professional pursuits. To this end, we collaborate with other education institutions to provide the following:

  • Teacher Development: We produce and support dynamic teachers and measure their productivity.
  • Leadership: We prepare and support principals and superintendents and measure their effectiveness.
  • STEM: We put a particular emphasis on P-6 teacher development in STEM fields, particularly in math, and measure the results.
  • Alignment: We ensure seamless transition for students from independent school districts and community colleges to our universities and track their success.

All of our P-20 initiatives are combined under an umbrella program we call LearningU.

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