Every year, over 18,000 students enter The Texas A&M University System institutions as freshmen who are studying fulltime for their first time in college. Unfortunately, about one third of those students have not yet graduated six years later. It is our challenge to increase the percentage of completers within six years and thus decrease the percentage of those who do not complete. It is our challenge to assure that every student who does not complete has been provided every possible opportunity to be successful.

Though these students did not graduate, they are still burdened with debt. On average, non-completers leave the institution with $15,202 in debt, even though they have not completed a degree that would help them repay their debt. Though these students did not graduate, they still consumed scarce state and Federal resources.

Our challenge is to repair this leaky pipe such that more students complete their degrees and these scarce resources are more wisely invested for the benefit of both the students and our society.

Student Learning Outcomes

The universities of the Texas A&M University System have developed and embrace a common set of student learning outcomes, and are dedicated to documenting, advocating, and facilitating the systematic use of learning outcomes assessment to improve student learning.  A&M System members intentionally design learning experiences and assessment approaches that strengthen the outcomes for our diverse learners within a wide variety of institutional contexts.  We are committed to responsible assessment practices that stress fairness and equity, and transparency.



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