Student Learning Outcomes

We embrace a common set of student learning outcomes and we are accountable for sustained measurement of these outcomes

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The Texas A&M System has developed a common set of measures that allow us to hold our member institutions accountable for student success. Each A&M System university reports progress for each learning outcome based upon a variety of measures. These measures provide a fair comparison of progress and performance for each institution as they develop and implement solutions for each desired outcome. A representative list of measures used to determine progress is provided with each outcome below.

Ethical & Social Responsibility

Students will articulate multiple cultural perspectives in local, national and global communities. Students will identify and analyze social and ethical challenges, including possible resolutions.

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Globalization & Diversity

Students will utilize multidisciplinary perspectives to evaluate initiatives that have been employed to address global issues. Students will describe the nature of global interdependence and its impacts...

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Specific Knowledge

Students will perform satisfactorily on licensure or certification exams necessary for professional status within their chosen careers, where applicable. Students will demonstrate skills required for success...

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Students will demonstrate mastery of the general education core curriculum. Students will apply broad knowledge to academic disciplines and professional or technical fields.

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Students will use multiple formats and technologies to communicate ideas effectively in large and small group settings. Students will apply fundamental writing strategies such as invention, drafting...

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Problem Solving/Critical Thinking

Students will construct well-supported, clearly articulated and sustained arguments. Students will demonstrate an ability to justify conclusions based on evidence. Students will interpret, analyze and evalua...

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